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railway spare parts

Supply of spare parts for replacement of parts for different railway projects.

Technical Documentation

Creation and management of technical documentation associated with railway projects.

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Laboratorio I+D+i-Recvac Rail

Research and development laboratory

We have an R&D Laboratory.

This allows us to carry out research on prototypes and materials to ensure good reliability in your rail project.

We also have a 3D printer, this allows us to design and test new parts before moving on to manufacturing, avoiding unnecessary production costs.

We have different types of toilets depending on the needs of the train manufacturers


Toilet system in which the complete system including waste water tank is under negative pressure.

It is a very reliable system.

turkish toilet with permanent vacuum

Turkish toilet destined for the markets of India, China, Turkey, etc. designed in stainless steel, allows the evacuation of waste without using large amounts of water, avoiding the abusive use of it and with the consequent saving.

These toilets are vandal-proof and tamper-proof.

They can be installed together with permanent vacuum systems.

These toilets are manufactured under strict safety regulations, complying with railway regulations.

Unlike conventional Turkish toilets, the Turkish toilet of Recvac Rail allows to avoid the presence of odors coming from the pipes of the evacuation system, which allows a greater healthiness in the train.

Some of our products

Cut Valve

Non return membrane

Odour Filter

Spray Nozzle

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Recvac Rail Agreement – Flagrans Kft 2001

Railway News Recvac Rail Agreement – Flagrans Kft 2001 RECVAC RAIL is proud to announce the agreement reached with FLAGRANS 2001 Kft to be the official agent in HUNGARY. FLAGRANS 2001 Kft. It has extensive experience in the railway world in Hungary, working on multiple

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